The Winistry Real-Time Difference

Is your customer data spread across different databases, making it difficult to leverage? Do your automated marketing tools rely on delayed data aggregation and processing before they can act?

The Winistry Unified Marketing Decisioning Platform (UMDP) uses Artificial intelligence to maximize revenue, retention, and response, by delivering unique, individualized digital experiences to every customer, based on their actual, real-time behavior, attitudes, and demographics. Feed all of your customer data into the platform in real-time to drive user experiences that are tailored and timely.

  1. Behavior

    Purchases, devices, sessions, session lengths, clicks, store visits, abandoned carts, coupons used, etc.

  2. Attitudes

    Stated interests, likes, saves, social shares, favorites, frequently visited content, frequently searched terms, etc.

  3. Demographics

    Location, gender, age, marital status, kids, and any other data requested of the user

Make decisions for the ideal next customer experience based on any unique criteria. Then trigger that experience in real time or at a scheduled decisioning time.


How does the Platform integrate?

The Winistry Unified Marketing Decisioning Platform (UMDP) is 100% configurable for your objectives and systems. Need to define new systems? We’re here to help.

  • The platform sits on any Customer Data Platform (CDP) – or you can quick-start with Winistry’s own, proprietary, 100%-integrated AWS-based, infinitely scalable, CDP (for structured and unstructured data).

  • The platform feeds triggers for action into any Marketing stack including Websites, Apps, Notifications, Emails, SMS – or you can quick start with Winistry’s own, proprietary Websites, Mobile Apps, Webpages, Pop-Ups, Notifications, Forms, Surveys, and more.

  • The platform integrates with any Content Management System (CMS) to pull and display recommended content – or you can quick start with Winistry’s own, proprietary CMS.

What user experiences does the platform power?

  • Web pages with custom content tailored to the user

  • Integrated web and native mobile experience

  • Targeted promotions (based on position in lifecycle and purchasing behavior)

  • Pop up dialogs with tailored messaging

  • Personalized retail product assortments

  • Rules-based in-app notifications

  • Rules-based marketing notifications

  • Individualized home page experience

  • Custom calls to action

  • Custom questions

  • Automated email campaigns